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Terms and conditions

Welcome to https://sharpdrivers.com/!

First of all we thank you for trusting us. Hereafter we describe the terms and conditions that you agree to navigate this Website and use the information, data, links and any other content or service that we provide. Please read them carefully.


  • User: it or them people that make use of the website, also applies to entities automated that access to the Website and that are property of people, companies, institutions, organizations private or public with or without purposes of profit.
  • Website: Refers to the collection of websites hosted on the domain “sharpdrivers.com” and which is accessible from addresses “sharpdrivers.com”, “www.sharpdrivers.com”, “https://sharpdrivers.com”, “https://sharpdrivers.com”, “https://sharpdrivers.com/”, “https://sharpdrivers.com/”. It also includes subdomains associated with the main domain
  • Responsible for the website: The person, persons or company that owns the domain and the content hosted on this.


A. General conditions of use.

These terms and conditions govern the access and use of the user accessing the Website. The user accepts these terms and conditions of form full and without reserves to the navigate and use the services offered in the Website, in case contrary must abandon the site immediatly.

Responsible for the website reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, unilaterally.

B. Access to the Website

By access to the Website is understands the access of the user to any of the content and services hosted in the Website, this is main or secondary section, private areas, subdomains, folders or any other.

The equipment, softwares, technologies and services that requires the user for access to the Website are of their exclusive responsibility. The user is solely responsible for the proper functioning of its Internet access and of the equipment and software used to access the Website.

Responsible for the website reserves the right to allow or deny access to the user, users, or groups of users to the Website or some of its sections or services by their own and unilateral decision without requiring prior notification. Some sections of the Website are not accessible to the user and he accepts that it will not attempt through physical or technological, social or computer engineering brute force attacks or taking advantage of security holes to access these areas.

We adopt all the measures at our disposal to ensure quality access to the Website but don’t have the legal responsibility to do so.

Responsible for the website is not responsible for any incident or fault in access networks, servers, communications equipment, software or other services, own, leased or third-party that may prevent access to user of either temporarily or definitively to the Website.

Responsible for the website reserves the right to suspend access to the website for reasons of maintenance or any other at any time and without prior notice to the user.

The user accepts the responsible of the website can cancel, delete, redirect or restringe any content at any time which want, unilaterally and without prior notififcacion.

Responsible for the website does not grant any kind of financial compensation or any other user by reason of service interruption of access to the Website.

C. Legal responsibility over the content

The user understands and accepts completely without any reservations that the content displayed on the Website, including comments from the team of editors or administrators, as well as comments from other users, it should not be taken in any case as professional advice, the content of the articles, comments, pages and any other shown on the Website is only for informational purposes and does not constitute professional advice Therefore, you agree to use the website and its contents under its strict liability.

No guarantees of any kind are given. It is accepted that the information shown may contain errors, the visitor understands and accepts these risks under its strict and sole responsibility.

D. Limitation of liability

The user accepts that all information displayed on the Website is absolutely referential. Do an important effort in ensure us of that all the information posted is correct since them take of sources supposedly reliable, however not can, low no concept, ensure the reliability of our content or of them contained external that link, all them data published in the Website must be taken by the user as information only for reference, consequently, the use of the content displayed in the Website and in them sites external linked is of the absolute and unique responsibility of the user, only the user is responsible by the use prudent, correct and suitable of the information posted in the Website, therefore, the user agrees exempt of any responsibility legal or of another nature to the responsible of the Website.

Although we make emphasis on ensuring the safety of navigation in the Website, the user acknowledges that it is impossible to guarantee that beyond our control mishaps related to security when surfing on the Internet will not occur, therefore the user accepts free from responsibilities responsible for the website about damages, losses and other negative consequences that may occur while navigating the Website.

The responsible for the website is under no circumstances legally responsible, or of any other nature, for the damages that the user may suffer from the use and navigation of the website. The term used must be applied in its broadest sense, i. e. any use of the website, whether legal or otherwise.

E. Trademarks.

All own or third-party trademark is sole property and responsibility of their respective owners.  Responsible for the website does not have any relationship with any manufacturer or developer of hardware or software unless is indicated clearly.

Responsible for the website does not store software or third-party drivers. We simply offer access to links of each softwares and drivers which can be obtained freely via the Internet. The user is responsible for respecting and adhering to the license agreements of each company or person. In case of doubt please contact those responsible for the software or hardware of your interest.


This website collects, by itself or through third parties, data from its users using some of these methods:

  • Automatically: Using cookies or other data collection methods.
  • Manually: Using the information freely provided by its users.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are downloaded to visitors’ devices that have the function of storing information about navigation that can be retrieved.

A. About the data collected

In order to improve visitor navigation, content quality, advertising efficiency and information analysis, the website automatically collects information and data on navigation, including technical and geographical aspects of each visit. Third-party advertising services used to finance the website may collect similar data.

Data is collected through specialized software and services, often using third-party software or services in whose databases user-related data may be stored.

The responsible for the website agrees to use this information responsibly.

The responsible for the website may be required to disclose information about visitors in accordance with legal obligations, if requested to do so by the competent authorities.

The responsible for the website does not sell data of its users.

The responsible for the website does not freely share or exchange information about its visitors with third parties, with the sole exception of what is required for analytical services, advertising and software.

The user understands and accepts the above points.