Bezel 27HX360 Gaming Monitor Review, Specs, & Details

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Bezel 27HX360 Gaming Monitor Review, Specs, & Details. The BEZEL 27HX360 gaming monitor is a 27 inch IPS monitor that features a native resolution of Ultra High Definition or 4K and a refresh rate of 144Hz. It’s one of the first monitors in the market to boast a 4K resolution with an in-plane and high-refresh-rate switching panel.

The BEZEL 27HX360 is the flagship display monitor offering of Next Technologies Philippines, the handler and owner of the Bezel PC monitor brand. It has a selling price of 35,000 which outprices some of the more popular models but comes with better specifications and features.

Bezel 27HX360 Gaming Monitor Review, Specs, & Details

Performance – BEZEL 27HX360 Adaptive Sync IPS 144HZ 4K Gaming Monitor.

To measure the performance, we conduct numerous tests that rate the overall performance of the monitor. Unfortunately, yours truly doesn’t have any color measuring tool such as Datacolor SpyderX PRO Colorimeter to accurately measure the color accuracy reproduction in terms of sRGB and AdobeRGB color space.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Test.

One of the first issues that every consumer tends to worry about is dead pixels. Out of the box, the BEZEL 27HX360 did not have any dead pixels after our test. We conducted this test by setting a single color display all throughout the screen to find dead pixels or stuck pixels which can also be considered as a dead pixel.

Banding/Clouding/Gradient/ IPS Glow.

Our second test basically consists of contrast performance. If there is any banding, we simply set a single tone gray color to measure and pinpoint. clouding, or any issues with gradient leveling at all.

The BEZEL 27HX360 performed really well in this test. The gradient transitioning from 0 to 255 of black to white showed a smooth transition. We did not any form of banding or clouding issues at all. Since the monitor uses an IPS panel, you might get confused with clouding and IPS glow. IPS glow is a common issue with IPS panels that a “glow” effect that is present on the corners of the panel is noticeable. Out of the box, this monitor did not exhibit any IPS glow issues but we’re not certain and we can not guarantee that it will not have IPS glow after some time. We were only able to fully test the monitor and exhaust its performance for 3 weeks.


In our third test, we conducted a sharpness test, gamma test, and brightness test. For our sharpness test, the best way to measure the sharpness of the images displayed by a monitor is by utilizing its display area with text that’s in contrast to the background. By doing so lets us measure the sharpness performance of the monitor through moving text. That means the monitor has some issues with sharpness performance if the display flickers. Fortunately, the BEZEL 27HX360 performed really well even after inverting the colors and text.

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Next is the gamma, this monitor had no issues with it whatsoever. It has a built-in gamma correction which is excellent and ranges from 1.8 to 2.6. The rule of thumb is simply if you’re in a dark room, the ideal setting would be 2.4 gamma and 2.2 gamma for a brighter room. It can be a lot more complicated than that.

Last but not least, the brightness test. We cranked up the brightness settings of the monitor to measure its peak performance. Using our luminance measuring tool, the monitor can achieve a peak brightness of 323cd/m ^ 2 which is slightly below its rating of 350.

Viewing Angle.

With the use of an IPS panel, the monitor had an excellent viewing angle. There was no degradation of hue and color no matter the viewing angle. Contrast is not affected as well except when viewed from top to bottom the darkening of the images becomes slightly noticeable upon closer look.

Refresh Rate/Input Lag.

One of the key features of this monitor is its refresh rate. At 4k, it supports up to a 144Hz refresh rate. If you wish to utilize 4K at 144Hz, you need to ensure that your graphics card supports it. This includes the supports for HDMI 2.1 and a certified ULTRA High-Speed HDMI cable. During our test, we were limited to 120Hz at 4K for both the DisplayPort which supports DP1.4 and HDMI ports using an ordinary High-Speed HDMI cable. For the HDMI ports, the result can be different depending on the quality of the HDMI cable. Using a cheap HDMI cable, our resolution of 4K was limited to 60Hz only. In our case, we had to use an ULTRA High-Speed HDMI that’s certified for us to achieve 4K at 144Hz. DP1.4 should be able to support 4K at 144Hz as well as long as you lower the pixel rate chroma to 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 but doing so still limits us to 120Hz.

The color accuracy provided by the use of the IPS panel enabled this monitor to produce real-to-life color accuracy. Which ultimately led to having an excellent picture quality overall. The blacks can be grayish sometimes and details tend to loose in darker images. You have to configure the monitor via its built-in menu to get a proper mixture of settings that produces the best picture quality.

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On the other hand, there was no backlight bleeding issues and the uniformity overall is excellent.

The HDR functionality of the monitor is excellent too. Enabling it disables the built-in Gamma option and it enhances color reproduction, blacks become deeper, and contrast improves overall. It doesn’t seem to satisfy the standard set for HDR600 since HDR600 is already a standard that sets professional monitors from the rest. One particular feature that we find odd is the monitor’s brightness. The number next to the letters HDR indicates the verified peak brightness of the monitor. However, as we mentioned above, the monitor only peaks at 323cd/m ^ 2.


With the current bandwidth limitation for both DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.1, the monitor did not allow us to overclock it any further. We tried to force profiles including patching both pixel clocks of the graphics card and the monitor but for some reason, it won’t read our OC profiles.

Built-in Options Menu.

One of the best features of the monitor other than its fast refresh rate, amazing color reproduction, and wide resolution is the built-in monitor functionality that includes crosshair, monitor timer, support for adaptive sync, and a refresh rate counter. Yup, you read that right, a refresh rate counter and not a frames per second counter.


The BEZEL 27HX360 comes with a generic-looking center stand. Attaching the stand to the monitor is simple and does not require any form of tools. However, assembling the stand uses 3 screws. Given the price of this monitor, one would assume that it would at least have a better stand with adjustable height and orientation. The only thing you can do with the included stand is the monitor angle adjustment.


  • Model: 27HX360
  • Size: 27 inches
  • Panel: In-Plane Switching (IPS).
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz.
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160p.
  • Brightness: 350cd/m ^ 2.
  • Bit Range: 10 bits.
  • Color Gamut: sRGB ≥ 95%.
  • Ratio: 16:9.
  • Viewing Angle: 178 °.
  • Low Blue Light.
  • HDR600.
  • Adaptive Sync.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, the BEZEL 27HX360 is a monitor that aims to offer the best in display performance and quality by not including any fancy cost-increasing features such as RGB lights, an adjustable stand, a number of USB ports, and bezeless frames. Its minimalistic and thin body design invites enthusiasts and gamers alike to value more in performance than fancy look but, at the selling price of Php35,000 (price as of this writing), one would assume to get every fancy thing you can have on a monitor. The price ain’t cheap and it’s very close to a more popular brand that offers more for a small bump in the price. As of this writing, the competition on the market for such monitors with such specifications is fewer than one would expect it to be and this led us to believe that BEZEL wants to take this opportunity with the BEZEL 27HX360.

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The BEZEL 27HX360 is a gaming monitor that’s best used for its purpose and specification. Its minimalistic yet generic-looking design might put a bitter taste on some but if you can live with it, then this is an excellent monitor. The value is set to its display performance than anything else which is excellent but it might turn off some with its stiff pricing considering the design, features, and functionality.

Overall, the BEZEL 27HX360 is a great performing monitor that’s best utilized on 4K at 144Hz. Otherwise, if you don’t have the system for it, then it’s best to look for something else as you won’t get the value of what you paid for. If you have the system to utilize this monitor to its potential, then we highly recommend checking this monitor out especially if you’re on the minimalistic side and someone who doesn’t want fancy RGB lights. Additionally, the monitor values display performance overall.